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Merry Hakka Time Family Fan Meeting – Exciting Fun-Filled Weekend

TBS holds Merry Hakka Time fan meeting The Taipei Broadcasting Station (TBS) held the Merry Hakka Time family fan meeting at the Taipei Hakka Culture Hall on Nov. 24, featuring a series of family programs including theater performance, family dance-along, picture book reading and balloon twisting show, allowing the parents and their children to enjoy a joyous weekend.

The Big Feet - which has an experience of nearly 1,000 performances - kicked off the event with a scintillating opening show. The performers aim to educate children on how to protect themselves when they encounter strangers by staging a lighthearted, lively play. According to troupe leader Chang Chiung-Wen, the performers’ eye-catching costumes are matched with their interesting body language to interact with the children in an effort to raise their awareness about the importance of campus security.

Besides the troupe’s thrilling performance, Ms. Peng Yueh-Chun, a teacher with intermediate to advanced level Hakka language proficiency certification, was also invited to join the fan meeting, where she led the children and their parents to sing the Hakka children’s ballad entitled A Carp. TBS Director Chen Tzu-Ming and Taipei Hakka Affairs Commission Chairperson Xu Shi-xun both turned out for the event with TBS listeners.

Chairperson Xu not only introduced common Hakka expressions by asking the audience questions but also presented Hakka populations in Taiwan and worldwide via the pop quiz approach. The parents and their children were able to participate in the event to remember these anecdotes off by heart. Director Chen thanked the parents for accompanying their children to attend the delightful gathering on Sunday morning, hoping that they will be exposed to Hakka in a casual, interesting way, naturally integrating language into everyday life.

TBS Merry Hakka Time host Mienli and balloon twisting expert Angel joined forces to let the children learn Hakka-related vocabulary by twisting balloons. Everyone raised their hands for the pop quiz in the end amid a lively atmosphere. For many children, they learned many Hakka phrases including good morning, thank you, rabbit and giraffe. Meanwhile, the parents have also pointed out that the event allows them to learn Hakka with their children in a fun and interesting manner through dancing and singing. The activity has left a deep impression on their minds.