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Pro Basket Ball Stars Speaks up for Motorcycle Safety

Pro Basket Ball Stars Speaks up for Motorcycle SafetyTo strengthen promotion of traffic safety among young motorcyclists, the Department of Transportation (DOT) organized a quiz and giveaway event at the Vie Show Cinema Xinyi Plaza on August 9. The agency is strengthening promotion efforts targeting the age group between 18 and 25 during the summer vacation period.
Top prizes include the latest championship T-shirt of Dacin Tiger, attracting the attention of numerous fans of the basketball team.
Taking advantage of the off-season period of local SBL pro basketball league, the agency invited the athletes from Dacin Tiger to the event. Basketball celebrities including Lin Yi-hui, Wong Jia-hong, Chang Chia-jung, Shih Yen-tsung, and Sung Yu-hsuan attended the event to interact with fans.   
Lin noted that he himself rides motorcycles and understands the importance of motorcycle safety. He calls upon motorcyclists to observe the speed limit and pay attention to their own safety when on the road. Wong reminds motorcyclists not to play with their smartphones when waiting for the red light or moving.
DOT reminds the public that with the end of summer vacation and the start of school in September, young people should avoid speeding and switching lanes without warning when they ride their mopeds to minimize the possibility of accidents.