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Waterway Dredging at Wild Birds Conservation Area to be Completed in August

Water fowls at the conservation areaThe Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) announced that it has joined hands with the Animal Protection Office to conduct waterway dredging at Taipei City Wild birds Conservation Area in an effort to better protect the natural habitat.
According to HEO, the work not only optimizes the surroundings environment at the conservation area, but also contributes to the flood prevention efforts of the Greater Taipei Area. Operations have been conducted since March earlier this year and is slated for completion by August 2.
The objective for establishing the Taipei City Wild Birds Conservation Area is to create a haven for migrating water fowls and strengthen the protection of their natural habitat. However, recent observations indicate that the water level at the site has receded over the year. The HEO seeks to minimize the impact of sedimentation at the river intersection, ensuring that the conservation area continues to provide a safe haven for the wildlife.
The agency pointed out the scope of the dredging covers the area from the upstream entrance of the waterway to the river exit further downstream, covering a length of roughly 950 meters. The volume of dredged sediments is estimated to reach 19,000 cubic meters.
The Taipei City Wild Birds Conservation Area is an important stop for water fowls along their migration route. The project is expected to improve the conditions of surrounding areas and provide a quality resting place for the avian visitors every year.