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City Adopts Preventive Measures to Stop Swine Fever at the Border

City Adopts Preventive Measures to Stop Swine Fever at the BorderWith the rapid spread of the African Swine Fever (ASF) across 23 provinces in mainland China, the Animal Protection Office (APO) has stepped up its effort to prevent possible outbreaks.


In the interest of safeguarding local pig farms, the agency has nearly completed two rounds of onsite inspection. It also raised the awareness among industry personnel to report suspected cases of the fever or abnormal death of large number of hogs. Campaign posters were also distributed to district offices, schools, and farmers’ associations to raise public awareness.


A seminar was conducted on November 28 to educate farmers on how to identify symptoms of ASF, as well as conducted experience exchange among veterans, industry personnel, and disease prevention workers.


APO pointed out that due to the large number of visitors from mainland China and Southeast Asia, in the interest of stopping ASF at the borders, the agency has collaborated with the Department of Information and Tourism to work with local hotels and hostels to dispatch email ahead of time to remind visitors beforehand about not bringing meat product into Taiwan.


The agency reminds the public that a new regulation taking effect on December 18 subjects individuals who illegally bring meat products from countries with reported ASF outbreaks in the past 3 years with fines of NT$200,000 for the first violation. Repeated offenders may receive a fine of NT$1 million.


Citizens are reminded not to carry meat product from abroad or order such products online. In case of receiving meat products of unknown origins, please call disease prevention hotline (0800-039131) and deliver the item to the authority for collective disposal.