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Secret Check-In Spot with Cherry Blossoms and Tulips at Taipei City Hall

Garden outside the north entrance of city hall Taipei City Hall announces that spring is in the air! We would like to reveal a secret check-in spot to you – Taipei City Hall North Entrance. In supporting the Neihu Lohas Cherry Blossom Festival, Shilin Residence Tulip Show, and Yangmingshan Flower Festival, the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) has established a publicity corner at Taipei City Hall North Entrance, where cherry blossom-inspired decorations are being used to create a romantic, exuberant scene as a celebration of life. Furthermore, a sea of tulips conveys the blessing of timeless love; when visiting the vicinity of city hall during Valentine’s Day to admire Taipei 101, don’t forget to come to the secret check-in spot.

According to PSLO Director Chen Jung-Hsing, the flower festival serves as a conduit for urbanites to engage in a dialogue with Mother Nature, and has always been one of the most important events on the PSLO’s calendar that involves the entire staff. Since the Taiwan cherry blossom begins to adorn the serene winter skyline in January, flowers in parks and suburbs also portray the changing seasons by transforming their appearances, as if putting on a show like fruits on the fruit calendar. Every year, the thriving blossoms depict Mother Nature’s romantic, colorful demeanor like clockwork, and the PSLO will make sure that citizens are kept abreast of the latest blooming conditions so that they can admire the most authentic Taipei landscapes.

PSLO Nangang Park Management Division Director commented that Valentine’s Day is in February, coinciding with the flowering period of cherry blossoms and tulips. Cherry blossoms symbolize life, passion, purity, and elegance, while the Taiwan cherry blossom in January through to the Yaezakura cherry blossom in March document the passage of spring. Taking a leisurely stroll under the cherry blossom tree is the most romantic appeal of every couple. Tulips embody benevolence, reputation, confession of love, and eternal blessing; with a flowering period spanning from winter to spring, tulips start to bloom after the bulbs are exposed to cold air, symbolizing that after withstanding the test of time, love will emerge stronger and more splendid. Citizens are welcome to visit Taipei City Hall North Entrance to appreciate the romantic landscape inspired by love. The agency hosts flower exhibitions every year with a diversity of themes, endowing flowers and flower exhibitions with additional meaning and values. From decoration design to event arrangement, meticulous attention has been paid to ensure the richness and depth of the activities. Whether it is the Love Flower Theatre and Cherry Blossom Market of the Neihu Lohas Cherry Blossom Festival, the Shilin Residence Tulip Show’s stage performance and lottery activity, or the Yangmingshan Flower Festival’s Cherry Blossoms Adventure King and Cherry Blossoms Dance Competition, it is hoped that everyone will be able to appreciate the beauty and splendor of flowers from different perspectives, as well as preserve the glory of flowers forever in their memories.

Note: Various lottery activities will be conducted on the 2016chshow fan page during the Shilin Residence Tulip Show. Please refer to the 2016chshow webpage for further details.

Map of the secret check-in spot and directions
MRT: Take MRT Bannan Line to MRT Taipei City Hall Station. From exit no. 2, proceed along the city hall accessway until arriving at the destination.
Bus: 270, 270 Shuttle, 28, 281, 311, 612, 612 Shuttle, 647, 651, 678, 912, 915, 935, 939, 950, BR6, BR7, BR18, G1, Renai Metro Bus, Chengde Metro Bus.