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SSO Offers Free Reclaimed Water for Gardening, Washing, and Cooling

Watering plants with reclaimed waterAs a part of the city government’s effort to support environmental conservation and carbon emission reduction, the Dihua Water Treatment Plant and Neihu Water Treatment Plant both utilize reclaimed water to clean floors, tanks, and equipment. The water is also used for watering plants and flushing the toilet. The strategy has saved the agencies nearly NT$50 million in water bills.
As the temperature gets warmer, the use of reclaimed water for tasks which doesn’t involve contact with skin is actually a great way to save money while helping our environment. The public is invited to come to the water treatment plants to acquire free reclaimed water for their own use.
According to Director Lin Kun-hu of the Sewerage Systems Office (SSO), the two water treatment plants can process roughly 740,000 tons of waste water each day. The processed water, which is released back into rivers and the environment, complies with effluent standards. A portion of the water is redeployed as reclaimed water which can be reutilized by the facility or given away to the public.
Statistics indicate that both Dihua and Neihu water treatment plants are heavy water users. These facilities consume 2.5 million tons of reclaimed water each year. If we calculate how much it will cost based on the standard water prices, the result justifies the use of reclaimed water which helps to save city coffers roughly NT$50 million each year.
Director Lu Shih-hsuan of Dihua water treatment plant noted that the two water treatment plants are able to produce 10,000 tons and 20,000 tons of reclaimed water each day respectively. Residents can visit the plants and bring home reclaimed water for their own use around the clock.