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City Warns Residents to Prepare for Typhoon Maria

City Warns Residents to Prepare for Typhoon Maria With the land warnings for Typhoon Maria being issued in the late hours of July 9, city government agencies remind residents to keep track of the latest typhoon updates and take steps to safeguard their wellbeing.
The city government reminds residents to avoid entering mountainous areas during typhoon. The Geotechnical Engineering Office has suspended access to selected hiking trails upon the issue of land warnings. For updates on related information, please visit the agency’s Chinese website on slope and mountainous terrain information (http://www.geomis.gov.taipei/GEOINFO/MainPage/index.aspx).
The Hydraulics Engineering Office has removed all temporary facilities from riverside parks, including wharf facilities, bicycle rental stations, mobile toilets, and construction machines. The public should avoid entering the riverside parks during typhoon.
The Department of Environmental Protection has dispatched staff members to strengthen drainage and gutter cleaning to remove debris and to ensure the functioning of these facilities during heavy rain.
According to the Sewerage Systems Office, all water treatment plants, pumping stations, generators, water level monitoring sensors, and remote surveillance system have been checked and are on standby to deal with any possible emergencies.
As of 8 PM on July 10, the Department of Transportation has imposed an “Exit only” order for riverside parking lots in the districts of Zhongshan, Songshan, Shilin, Wanhua, and Datong. Furthermore, parking will be allowed for all roadside yellow and red lines on roads with width of 8 meters or more in the respective districts. Roadside parking will be free during the typhoon.
The Water Department reminds residents to prepare regular and drinking water in preparation for possible high turbidity in local rivers and lakes due to heavy downpour. In the event of water supply restrictions, the Water Department will set up 21 emergency water supply stops and 20 temporary water supply stations, as well as using 124 public schools across the city as water supply centers. For more information on water supplies, please call the department’s 24-hour hotline (TEL: 02-8733-5678) or visit its Chinese website (www.water.gov.taipei). 
During the typhoon, please call the 1999 Citizens Hotline to report any flooding, road damages, or fallen trees.