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Nangang, Xizhi Police Chiefs Lead First Joint Roadside Spot Checks

*At ten o’clock in the night of March 10, the police chiefs of Nangang and Xizhi led the first joint roadside spot checks by their neighboring precincts straddling the city border in an effort to improve public safety.
The checks on Nangang Bridge and in the neighborhoods on either side marked the beginning of intensified collaboration between the both precincts. The operation also demonstrated both police forces’ strengths in law enforcement and their determination to assert their lawful authority.
In recent years, numerous major developments have sprung up in Taipei’s smallest district (in terms of population size). Nangang, located in south east of Taipei, is the home to many important facilities, including Taiwan High Speed Rail’s Nangang Station, CTBC Financal Park, Nankang Software Park, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Academia Sinica, and the nearly completed Taipei Music Center. These facilities are turning this southeast corner of Taiwan’s capital into a thriving hub.
Taipei’s Nangang District and its eastern neighbor Xizhi District of New Taipei City have much in common: both districts are suburbs and traffic hubs of big cities, with large volumes of commuters coming in during the day and leaving again at night due to the good public transport and floating population.
Both areas also have their fair share of public safety issues, such as drug-related crime, theft, and fraud. Some criminals and gangs specifically operate across both areas in order to complicate and evade police investigations. However, the Nangang and Xizhi police precincts are now stepping up their collaboration in order to crack down on crime more effectively.
The Nangang-Xizhi Joint Roadside Spot Checks Program signals the police’s crime-fighting capabilities and its determination to maintain law and order, explained Nangang Precinct Chief Chang Lung-Hsing, adding that both precincts will focus on certain incident-prone streets and bridges to bring down crime, while also upgrading their online resources and competences to respond swiftly and decisively to non-street crime. The joint crack-down on crime aims to bolster public safety and ensure that residents, commuters, and visitors all feel as comfortable and safe as anywhere else in Taipei and Taiwan