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Bravo Acts as Taipei City’s Tourism Ambassador at the World Character Summit 2019

Bravo at Japan’s mascot event Remember the adorable image of Bravo when he clinched the top honor at the inaugural Mascot Taiwan? On November 23-24, Bravo participated in the World Character Summit 2019 in Saitama Prefecture, Japan as Taiwan’s premier mascot to promote Taipei tourism to the Japanese people and showcase the charisma of the most popular mascot in Taiwan.

Taipei City Government mascot Bravo recently won the top honor at the inaugural Mascot Taiwan contest, and he attended the World Character Summit 2019 at the Hanyu Suigo Park in Saitama Prefecture, Japan as the premier mascot of Taiwan. The highly coveted event has not only received extensive coverage from the Japanese media but is also expected to attract 300,000 domestic and foreign visitors as well as around 400 mascots from all over Japan. The Commissioner of Information and Tourism Liu Yi-Ting pointed out that Bravo’s friendly demeanor allows the Japanese people to witness Taipei’s soft power in intellectual property (IP) management, in turn increasing their sense of curiosity towards Taiwan and attracting more tourists to the country.

The Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) also wishes to capitalize on Bravo’s astonishing popularity to promote Taipei to Japanese travelers on a deeper level. Besides promotional materials on Taipei tourism, souvenirs such as Bravo-inspired smartphone screen cleaner stickers were handed out to appeal to the curiosity of the Japanese public, and they all participated in the event with enthusiasm. The booth’s activities were designed with night market games in mind, inviting people to play pinball and experience Taipei’s unique night market culture.

In addition to night market games, Bravo also endeavored to promote Taipei’s tourism with its lovable dancing and interactions to attract the people’s attention. During the 2-day exhibition, a Bravo fan meeting was organized in the morning and afternoon, respectively, where Bravo enjoyed a fantastic time with the visitors by playing interactive games with them. Moreover, the bear mascot also demonstrated its skills in Chinese calligraphy by writing spring couplets to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year. When the Japanese people asked to take photos with Bravo, he turned on his charm and struck up dashing poses to interact with the audience and spend a wonderful weekend with locals.

According to the Tourism Bureau’s statistics, more than 1.96 million Japanese visitors came to Taiwan last year, showing an increase of 3.7% compared to 2017. As of August this year, more than 1.32 million Japanese tourists have visited Taiwan, equivalent to an 8.79% increase in comparison with the same period last year. In light of this, the TPEDOIT will continue to launch additional premium travel packages to reveal more Undiscovered Taipei to Japanese travelers. Furthermore, the concept of educational traveling in Taipei will be introduced to young Japanese students by arranging more in-depth, unique travel itineraries focusing on local lifestyle and culture. The series of tourism promotional campaigns aim to attract more Japanese tourists to visit Taipei City.

Bravo is everyone’s best friend, and will continue to market Taipei City as the national idol of Taipei and the city’s tourism ambassador. If you wish to follow Bravo, Taipei City Government’s mascot on Facebook or obtain further information, you are welcome to join the Bravo fan page on https://wwww.facebook.com/bravotaipei/.