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Daan Forest Park Playground Prepares for Overhaul

To allow both kids and adults to enjoy a more diversified and exciting playground area, the facilities at Daan Forest Park will undergo an overhaul to implement these visions!
According to Director Chen Jung-hsing of the Park and Street Lights Office (PSLO), while many people enjoy the playground facilities at Daan Forest Park, one of the problems is a lack of diversity despite the numerous playground equipment designed to accommodate large number of users. Therefore, the agency organized a workshop to establish a flash-playground event, inviting kids to come and try out equipment of “rarer” breeds.
Chief Wang from PSLO’s Youth Park Management Division pointed out that Daan Forest Park is the “lungs” of Taipei City. Befitting its name, the new facilities incorporate the concept of a forest, incorporating local elements to create the “King of the Jungle” playground. The future facility will include 12 play zones and 3 slides of various heights (1.5m, 2m, and 3m respectively), as well as ones which challenge the balance and climbing abilities of children.
The agency also incorporated suggestions from civic groups such as Raptor Research Group of Taiwan to minimize impact of constructions upon ongoing conservation efforts in other parts of the park. Some of these ongoing projects in include habitat restoration efforts for fireflies and crested goshawks.  
To provide kids with a more diversified and fun playground, the agency will close off the playground area for construction starting January 27, 2021. The city government suggest that parents bring their kids to nearby playgrounds during this period. Alternatives include facilities located at 228 Memorial Park, Huashan Grassland Playground, and Liugongzun Park.