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Nanxing Park Reopens after Overhaul

Nanxing Park Reopens after OverhaulAs a part of the overall East District Portal Project, the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) completed the refurbishment of Nanxing Park, reopening the facility to the public.
Located at the intersection of Nangang Road Section 1 and Xingzhong Road, the park was inaugurated in 1978 as a community park. It is situated to the south of the Nangang District Office and north of Nangang Railway Station.
With the increasing importance of the railway station as a traffic hub, the park parameters have suffered from the growing impact of surrounding traffic, exposing park users to related hazards and added inconvenience. To remove the inconveniences parks users have experienced and boost the safety of the surrounding environment, PSLO initiated the renovation plans in June.
According to PSLO Director Huang Li-yuan, the park incorporates the concepts of sponge city, universal access, green vitality forest, and station-front plaza into its design to improve the service quality provided by public spaces.
He added that the overhauled park reorganizes traffic and pedestrian flows in a safer manner while adding to the area of green space and open plaza. New facilities also provide kids with outdoor recreation areas and absorb rain water to reinforce underground water resources and strengthen activities of microorganisms residing in the soil, obtaining a more balanced eco-envrionment.  
The renovation project of Nanxing Park was carried out starting in June of 2018. Construction was completed in October of the same year.