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Young Farmers Promote Premium Quality Taipei Rice in Dadaocheng

a series of rice-themed experiential activities. The region spanning from Dadaocheng to Daqiaotou forms the quintessential piece of Taipei’s rice cultural development puzzle. Since the late 19th century, Dadaocheng has been the distribution center of rice; therefore there are a large number of rice processing factories in Daqiaotou, earning it the laudatory name of Rice Noodle Street or Rice Noodle Cavern since ancient times.

In promoting premium Taipei rice from Guandu, the Department of Economic Development (DOED) of Taipei City Government collaborated with Dihua Street and Yanping N. Rd. Eatery and Shopping District to host the Premium Taipei Rice Fun Challenge at Shi Lian Dong in Dadaocheng, introducing the rice culture of Taipei through a series of rice-themed experiential activities.

According to the Commissioner of DOED Lin Chung-chieh, local resources are integrated during the rice harvesting season to introduce the concept of “from farm to table”, where cross-industry cooperation was forged with specialty stores in downtown Taipei using Taipei premium rice from Guandu to promote agricultural education. In addition to fun, delicious experiences for the whole family, there is also a salon lecture exploring the development of small farmers in Taipei.

Held at the Shi Lian Dong in Dadaocheng, the Premium Taipei Rice Fun Challenge features exquisite rice foods from local stalls such as Taipei Bridge Rice Restaurant, Ho Hsing 1947, Li Ting Xiang, and URS329. Furthermore, there are also specialty products from Tou Tou Shi Dao – a young farmers’ brand from Guandu. Citizens who have participated in the Premium Rice Scout will be able to sample specialty dishes such as harvest rice, brown rice ice cream, and taro balls with duck filling free of charge.

Besides relishing in the sumptuous feast, they can also appreciate the development of rice culture in Taipei. For this event, rice specialist URS329 has been invited to design exclusive Dadaocheng Hipster Rice Balls using Guandu rice. Citizens may learn how to prepare rice balls at the Rice Culinary Classroom, and they can also sample Taipei premium rice. Other activities suitable for the entire family include blessed rice DIY and rice cake experience. For the Premium Rice Salon Lecture, the founder of Rice Press Ku Wei and Tou Tou Shi Dao founder Wang Hsuan-chih have been invited to discuss issues such as young farmers returning to their hometowns, agricultural transformation, and agricultural brand, etc.

Most noteworthy of all is that this year the Taipei Dihua Business District Development Association has collaborated with Yanping North Road Eatery and Shopping District Development Association to launch rice delicacy promotional offers at specified stores in the business district. Citizens simply have to make purchases at these stores to enjoy the promotional offers that will last until late August. For more details, please browse the “臺北市產業局-台北饗樂趣” Facebook fan page or refer to the stores in the business district.