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Mayor Cares about the Floriculture Industry – Creating a Modern and High-quality Trading Environment

wholesale market actions Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je visited flower producing regions in June this year to speak with the local flower farmers, and understand the conditions of the flower producing regions and the needs of flower farmers. Besides discussing the supply-demand balancing mechanism between the production region and the market, as well as ways to improve the wholesale market actions, he also explained Taipei City Government’s endeavors in optimizing logistics and cashless transactions to the flower farmers. In addition, he also explained to them the government’s aim to expedite total electronic payment and increase the efficiency of flower production and sales.

Local flower farmers suggest that delivering flowers from the production region to the market for auction often requires several hours of driving under hot, humid conditions. As a result, the flowers are susceptible to withering and yellowing, and refrigerated transport is needed. According to the Taipei City Market Administration Office (MAO), the flower company has been asked to submit a proposal so that the budget can be allocated next year to improve the market’s air-conditioning equipment next year. Furthermore, the cold chain storage environment linking the production region to the market will be created to effectively maintain the freshness of flowers. By ensuring the quality and quantity of flowers exported, the aim is to expand the overseas markets.

The MAO commented that in an effort to provide flower growers, dealers and citizens with a better production and sales environment, the city government will improve the existing ventilation equipment and install external elevators to increase the product flow and transaction speed this year. Next year, a budget will be allocated to enhance the air-conditioning equipment of the flower market, so as to offer better flower storage and sales environment, in turn elevating the quality of flowers and building the first flower market featuring cold chain logistics in the country.