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Videogame Championship Takes Place at Expo Park

Videogame Championship Takes Place at Expo ParkMayor Ko Wen-je attended the 2018 TLC Taiwan Legend Championship in Xinyi District on August 26.
During his address, the mayor pointed out that e-Sports is growing in popularity across the world. Based on related statistics, the global audience of e-Sports exceeds those of MLB and NBA. In 2017, the number of e-Sports event viewers in Taiwan has already exceeded 1.7 million.
He recalled that the live broadcast of the annual League of Legends championships at the Youth Development Office always seem to be packed with people. He attended every one of them, and even though he does not understand what he’s watching, he could witness the excitement and interest demonstrated by the young fans.
Ko remarked that Taipei treats e-Sports not only as a sport, but also an industry. The city government’s policy is to let the private sector lead the way, with the government playing a supportive role.
The videogame competition is supervised by the six direct-rule municipalities and co-organized by UPMEDIA and Garena, with help from Ptt Bulletin Board System. The entire tournament is broadcasted by Chunghwa Telecom MOD and Hami Video.
The mayor noted that the representatives from the six direct-rule municipalities will be vying for the top honor in the tournament. He also reminded the crowd that e-sports is an official category in the ongoing 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and reminded them to keep track on the progress of Taiwan’s team during the competition between August 27 and 29 to cheer for local gamers.