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Taipei city increases budget in subsidizing new electric motorcycle purchases by NT$4,000, offers up to NT$1,500 in public transportation subsidy for taking a two-stroke motorcycle out of use

     Motorcycle SubsidyTo speed up the replacement of two-stroke engine motorcycles and encourage the use of eco-friendly electric motorcycles with low emission, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has announced a new scheme, the “2019 Suspension of two-stroke engine motorcycle grant and new/replace electric motorcycle purchase grant,” on December 27. The scheme focuses on the offer of an extended grant of NT$4,000 for each newly purchased electric motorcycle. The amount granted is now the same as in Kaohsiung and Taichung. A newly added special scheme that provides subsidies for the replacement of two-stroke motorcycles also offers an NT$1,500 public transport credit grant. Another scheme for individuals from low to middle income households is also introduced, offering a grant of NT$10,000 for the purchase of a new electric motorcycle.
     The DEP holds that because the Taipei City has no heavy industries, the income from air pollution tax is lower than in other cities. This means that lower subsidies can only be offered for the purchase or replacement of electric motorcycles. This year, the central government revised air pollution control regulations. As a result, the DEP has demanded that a portion of the funds received from mobile air pollution control fees should be handed to the municipality rather than all being taken by the central government. Article 17 of the Air Pollution Control Act passed on August 1st, 2018 states that at least 20% of the mobile pollution source fees received by the central government should be transferred to a fund for the mobile pollution source, or the county where the fuel oil is being sold. This means the DEP must increase public subsidies for the purchase of new electric motorcycles in 2019 from NT$1,500 to NT$4,000. An extra grant of NT$500 must also be given as public transport credit.
     It is expected that in 2019, the maximum subsidy for the purchase of a new electric motorcycle in Taipei will be up to NT$17,000 (including subsidies from the Environmental Protection Administration and Ministry of Economic Affairs). The low to middle income population can receive a maximum of up to NT$27,000. If a two-stroke engine motorcycle is replaced by a new motorcycle, general buyers can expect a grant of up to $20,300, while those from low to middle income households can receive up to NT$30,300.
     Two options have been provided for taking a two stroke motorcycle out of use in 2019. The first is directly subsidized by the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) through a cash payment of NT$500 per motorcycle. The second is a newly promoted scheme, a “Public transport credit grant” of NT$1,000 provided by the Directorate General of Highways and the EPA. To encourage the use of public transport, the DEP has added an extra NT$500 to the scheme. This means that the owner of a two-stroke motorcycle which is taken out of use can receive a grant of NT$1,500 by choosing the public transport credit scheme. Registration for this scheme requires the use of an EasyCard, iPass, icash card or happy cash card. The credit can be used for mass transit options including the MRT, city bus, intercity bus, Taiwan Railways Administration, Taiwan High Speed Rail, or taxis. The scheme does not include public bicycles or car park parking fees.
     The DEP emphasized that the Environmental Protection Administration of Executive Yuan has decided to bring the “suspension of two-stroke engine motorcycle grant and new/replace electric motorcycle” subsidizing scheme to an end in 2020. The public should apply in good time before the deadline. Application forms may be obtained through the website of the DEP “form download section” (http://www.dep.gov.taipei/). Applicants may also make inquiries on regular inspection with the DEP for related grant information. The department may organize lucky draw events from time to time. To join, simply scan the QR code provided.