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Statistics on the labor-management dispute case between employees and employed foreign workers

       The Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office promulgated the statistical data of the foreign worker management related cases that had happened in the second half of 2017, June to December. It shows that 7,110 cases of legal consultations for foreign workers, 675 settled cases of labor-management disputes. Among the 7,110 cases, complaining about the management took up the majority of the cases, the second largest amount of cases dealt with agency disputes, and the third largest dealt with wage issues.

       Through mediation with the Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office, the amount of recovery through the legal process, reached approximately NT$1,728,446 for the foreign employees.

       There are 45,936 foreign employees in total in Taipei City, in which the majority are working as family or organization nursing workers and housemaids, according to Hsiu-shan YEH, Director of Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office.  Indonesians represent the majority, 74% of the total. Foreign workers are facing cultural differences, language and communication obstacles, religious issues, different living customs and lacking of information, which causes the labor-management disputes to become more complicated.

       In regards to the management of disputes, it mainly involves foreign workers adapting to their working and living environment, getting along with the employers and getting along with someone they are taking care of. Examples of foreign workers issues are their special needs in regards to religious culture and dietary preference. Their other issues are the mobile phones being kept while they are at work, not having enough rest time, not being allowed the days-off or being able to go back home.

       The disputes between foreign workers and agencies are the overcharging of service fees and keeping the salary or passport without the permission of foreign workers. It reflects that the foreign workers usually are not completely paid. Some of the excuses from the agency are the service charges for the mediator and the loan payments to the bank in the foreign country.
If there is any questions, our citizens and foreign workers can consult with the Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office, at (02)23881600 (for Tagalog language please dial ext. 4120 and 4121, Indonesian 4122, 4123, 4124,4129 and 4131, Vietnamese 4144 and 4214, Thai 4119). And the relevant information is available at https://fd.gov.taipei/(Chinese website).