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Mayor Ko Attends Groundbreaking and Blessing Ceremony of Chenggong Market

* The groundbreaking ceremony of Chenggong Market’s reconstruction project was presided over by Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je at 10:30 this morning (July 29). Upon completion, Chenggong Market will become the premier model market in Taipei.

Since the mayor took office, he has vigorously pushed for market reconstruction in order to transform Chenggong Market into a modern marketplace that caters to the needs of the nearby residents and vendors, and the Market Administration Office (MAO) has convened 5 briefings to communicate with them.

On September 9, 2015, the city government reached a consensus with Chenggong Market vendors and local residents to adopt the semi-underground construction technique.

The agency suggests that the temporary booths at Chenggong Market were inaugurated over 3 decades ago in 1986. Due to wear and tear, the primitive appearance forms a stark contrast with nearby residential buildings, and the market also occupies part of the road.

Located in a prime area on Dunhua South Road, the new Chenggong Market’s contemporary styling creates a spotlight in the city, making it an important benchmark on which future traditional market reconstructions will be based. Raised 1.2m above the ground, the market’s design incorporates functional spaces that offer optimal lighting and ventilation conditions. Furthermore, in order to ensure smooth pedestrian traffic flow, the semi-underground square is interconnected with open spaces that are complemented by 6 elevators and 8 escalators for the shopping convenience of senior citizens. The parking lot located on B3F to B5F can accommodate the parking needs of shoppers. The ground surface employs an open, green space design, providing citizens with friendly, pleasant public space, thereby elevating the quality of life in the region.

After the reconstruction of the market, the MAO will organize a wide range of marketing and promotional activities in order to generate new market opportunities.