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Flower-viewing Suggestions for Christmas Season

Flower-viewingHow do you enjoy Christmas Season at the Taipei Rose Garden? In addition to the abundant number of roses in the facility, why not seek out the hidden batches of beautiful clematis?
Often referred to as the “queen of vine flowers,” the clematis boasts a blooming period extending from early spring to late autumn. There are also certain types which blossom during the winter season. Given its preference for cold and dry climate, these plants are difficult to grow in the plains of Taiwan. It is through the relentless effort of Parks and Street Lights Office personnel that visitors can enjoy these impressive plants at the Taipei Rose Garden.
PSLO Director Huang Li-yuan noted that clematis emits an aura of elegance, a kind of reserved beauty which ignites an urge among onlookers to protect the plant. White clematis is like an innocent girl, while purple clematis resembles a highborn lady.
According to Chief Lai from PSLO’s Yuangshan Park Management Division, many people are looking for small cases of happiness in their everyday life. Visiting Xinsheng Park to enjoy the beautiful sights of blooming roses is one of them. In addition to roses, there are plenty of different flowers in the facility, including clematis frequented by bees and butterflies.
In addition, to welcome Christmas, Taipei Rose Garden has also set up a dazzling Christmas tree and large numbers of Christmas hollies to celebrate the holiday with visitors at the park.