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Mayor Attends 101st Anniversary of NTUB

The National Taipei University of Business (NTUB) held its 101st anniversary on December 22.
During his address, he noted that according to records, NTUB is the only winner under the colleges and universities category which have received the city government’s “Blue Bird Wing-spread Award” for 3 consecutive years. This achievement indicates that the school provides concrete assistance to help its students land on jobs, which means the pupils receive training in areas relevant to what’s needed in society and at work, boosting their competitiveness.
Noting that the school has a history spanning over one century, the institution has trained numerous talents over the years. He believes that to enable success in careers, the most important factor is people. That is why he is expressing his gratitude to the school for doing a great job in educating numerous key players for the industries over the past 100 years.
The mayor pointed out that two immediate issues Taiwan has to tackle in the immediate future is globalization and the dropping number of newborns. Due to globalization, internationalizing education is inevitable, regardless of whether bringing Taiwan to the world or bringing the world into Taiwan. From what he understands, the school is doing a good job as seen from the number of overseas Chinese students and specialized classes in training management talents for handling cross strait and Southeast Asian affairs.
Due to the trend of having fewer children, he foresees a necessity to postpone the working age and the growing importance of in-service education programs in the future. Given the growing aged population, continuous education and in-service education has become a necessity, which NTUB already has a good start. He ended his speech by wishing the best for the school and hope it continues its effort in nurturing future talents.
 Anniversary of NTUB