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Xingguo Park Overhaul to Incorporate Resident Suggestions

Participants of the information session on the new parkTo provide citizens with safer and more comfortable recreational spaces and increase quality green spaces in the city, the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) has begun working on plans for Xingguo Park’s overhaul.
The agency organized a public hearing session to inform concerned citizens about the design concept of the renovated park. In addition to adopting a workshop approach starting with the integration of Guangfu East Village’s history during the initial phase, the information session also provided detail explanations on spotlighted features of the new park, allowing local residents to understand what to expect upon completion. 
According to PSLO Director Cheng Jung-hsing, he hopes to raise public awareness on issues such as urban green space, guidelines for safe usage, and shared access among citizens of all ages through communication and exchange with the public. Through such interactions, a park design that meets user expectation can be achieved through stimulating debate and creativity.  
PSLO Deputy Tsao Yen-lun remarked that Xingguo Park is located in Nanjing Commercial District, an area surrounded by numerous office building which is also a traffic hub. Currently, the neighborhood lacks an urban space which can entice passerby to stop and loiter for a short period. The overhaul of the park seeks to correct this, as well as expanding green spaces and create a place where people can rest and relax. New facilities will be added to improve water conservation and lower the impact on urban heat island effect as well.
Chief Yang Kuo-yu of PSLO’s Horticulture Management Division pointed out that the park redesign incorporates local characteristics and plants of different seasons, targeting residents of all ages and creating a human-centric and accessible environment. It also incorporates special design allowing wheelchair users to park in a safe environment. This encourages more physically-challenged individuals to visit the facility.