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Free Water-sprinkling fun for the Entire Family at Neihu Sports Park

Family fun pool at the Neihu Sports ParkThe blazing heat of summer has made outdoor activities relatively challenging. However, staying indoors in airconditioned room for the Dragon Festival may not sound attractive. For those seeking a place to visit, the Sewage Systems Office (SSO) of the Public Works Department announced that the family fun pool at the Neihu Sports Park is open to the public between June 1 and September 30.

Chief Chen of Neihu Sewage Treatment Plant pointed out that the 3.8-hectare Neihu Sports Park boasts a family fun pool for toddlers, with water depth no more than 50 cm. The facility is open between June and September, requiring no admission fee. To ensure a healthy environment, SSO conducts pool-cleaning and changes the water on regular basis. There is also a water faucet next to the facility for washing hands and feet.

In addition to the pool, there are also facilities such as an extreme sports ground, kids’ playground, sandbox, exercise equipment, and PU tracks. The Neihu Sports Park is a great place for a picnic during the Dragon Boat Festival.

According to the SSO, the Neihu Sports Park is located at the intersection of Tiding Boulevard and Jiuzong Road in Neihu District. The park is an affiliated facility of the Neihu Sewage Water Treatment Plant. Visitors can ride a bicycle to the park from the nearby riverside park via a land bridge.

Bus: Take either bus 552, 63, S2, or BL26 to the Neihu Sports Park stop. Alternatively, take bus 204 or 518 and disembark at the Xinhu/Xinzhong Road stop.
Driving: After descending from Tiding Boulevard section 1, proceed to the parking lot located on the west side of the park. Motorcycles should proceed from Jiuzong Road Section 2 (Note: the parking lot does not have parking squares for motorcycles).