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Sulfur Creek Levee Mural to Debut in October

An artist working on the mural at the riversideConstruction work is being carried out for the section of the Sulfur Creek Levee between Jiande Bridge and Fuguo Road. What is worth noting is that the Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) has adopted a different approach to performing facelift for the levee this time. It invited a number of young artists to work on the mural project, hoping to infuse the mundane structure with a touch of aesthetics. 
According to the Public Works Section of HEO, the majority of artists who are taking part in the project are young men and women between the age of 20 and 30. For the mural, they’ve worked for two months straight under the blazing summer heat. Having encountered Taipei’s record-breaking temperature of 39.7-degree Celsius during this period, the artists nonetheless were able to withstand the harsh environment with the help of intense concentration, seeking to create artworks that will put passerby in awe.
The summer months in Taipei has an average temperature of roughly 35-degree Celsius, and the workday of these artists often start in the morning and last for 7 to 8 hours. Furthermore, they have to clean the walls with high-pressure water spray to remove the debris and smoothen the surface before they can start working.
After the wall surfaces have undergone preliminary cleaning, the next step involves applying base paint to ensure that the color of the wall will not affect the colors of the paint to be added later. Next comes the outlining of the shapes and forms based on the drawing. The last stage is coloring the walls which involves numerous tools, paint, and safety precautions.
The agency pointed that the mural stretches 400 meters long and stands 4 meters tall (roughly the height of a building floor) with a surface area of roughly 1600 meter-square. Works began in October of 2019 and is slated for completion in October 2020.