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Mayor Celebrates Double Nine Festival with Elders, Shows off Bravo Dance

Mayor Celebrates Double Nine Festival with Elders, Shows off Bravo DanceMayor Ko Wen-je kicked-off a series of activities celebrating the upcoming Double Ninth Festival by joining senior citizens and dance instructor Kimiko in performing the new Bravo exercise dance on August 8.
During his address, Ko noted that “living” and “moving (one’s body)” are closely related. Exercising not only helps you maintain a healthy body, but is also effective in slowing down the aging process, as well as lowering the possibilities of dementia and incapacitation. However, realizing that workouts may be boring, the city government designed the Bravo exercise dance to make the routine more fun.
He stressed that the group of residents who are 65 or older will account for 20-percent of Taipei’s population in another 4 years. This is the effect of the postwar baby boom and the drop in birth rate over the years. Taiwan’s aging problem results in a gourd-like shape in the age group demographics of the city’s population, and that is the reason why the city government needs to build more social welfare institutes serving senior citizens.
The mayor remarked that senior citizens have different needs based upon their age and conditions. He hopes that elders lives not only longer, but also a healthier life. Noting that Finnish elders who can still move around outdoors even before their final days, Taiwanese elders spend an average of 7 years being bedridden at the end of their lives. That is why Taipei’s senior citizen policies seek to encourage them to go out and explore, whether through discounts on bus rides, establishment of shared meal locations, classes at activity centers, or introduction of hospital services and checkups at places where they assemble.
Ending his speech by stressing the importance of constructing a comprehensive care system for old people, Ko pointed out that we need to take the necessary preparations in the face of a rapidly aging society.