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Outdoor Adventures: YDO Invites you to Experience Tree Climbing Fun

A participant attempting to climb the tree at the campHow long has it been since your last outdoor adventure? Want to bring some changes to your routine daily life? The Youth Development Office (YDO) is offering the Tree Climbing Camp to encourage teenagers to explore and learn, going out of their way to challenge themselves and conquer the fear of climbing to higher places.
“Dear tree… today we will take on the challenge of tree climbing. I wish you can help us out.” These are the words spoken to the tree by one of the participants. The YDO invited instructors Chen Pei-ru and Lin Ding-ruei to guide the students in approaching the trees and Mother Nature. In addition to learning about the outdoor environment, tree climbing tools, and related tips, the students will also take in lessons on life during the process, allowing them to contemplate upon the relations between trees and the tools used for climbing them.
It is quite common to see some of the students becoming panic-stricken or running into problems with hand-leg coordination. However, they continue to climb upwards a step at a time, and by the time they reach the top and look down, they will be surprised about how far they’ve come. Words like “Wow! This is fun! I’m no longer afraid of heights” and “This is the first time I’ve climbed a tree! It’s so challenging and fun!” echo among the excited students when they complete their ascension.
YDO is organizing numerous exciting and interesting hands-on camp sessions and maker courses between October and December. Registration is available starting today!
For more information on the programs, please visit the Chinese website of the agency (http://class.tcyd.gov.taipei/).