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Mayor Attends Tibetan Buddhism Exhibition at Expo Park

Mayor Attends Tibetan Buddhism Exhibition at Expo ParkOn August 25, Mayor Ko Wen-je visited the 2018 Tibetan Cultural Exhibition at the Taipei Expo Park at the invitation of organizers.
During his address, the mayor noted that the cultural exhibition explores the history and culture of Tibet, with highlights this year on the oldest and largest version of the Tripitaka assembled by the Derge Parkhang. The collection consists of 108 books, which represents ways to alleviate 108 types of worries of the masses. The anthology is a collection of Buddhist scriptures, laws, and theories.
According to Ko, the history of Buddhism is long and rich, with followers distributed around the world. In addition to interacting with different cultures which resulted in unique developments at respective regions, the Tibetan Buddhism spotlighted at the showcase is a special combination of religion and culture with a place of its own.
Ko remarked that “being born a human is a rare opportunity; and the chance to listen to the dharma is also hard to come by.” He expressed his gratitude to the organizers for investing many years to promote Buddhism, hoping that visitors will receive an infusion of positive energy by learning more about the religion.
When asked by the media about his visit, the mayor explained that he is curious about many things and has a lot of interest in Tibetan Buddhism.