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A.I. Vision Camp Conducted from 7/29-31 at digiBlock Taipei

* Smart manufacturing is now in vogue, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) plays a vital role in fostering industry upgrade and transformation. Smart vision developer Solomon Technology Corporation won the Project of Subsidies & Incentives for Taipei Industry (Brand Subsidies) with Solomon 3D Vision Smart Branding Program in January 2019. Furthermore, it has won the Gold-level Innovators Award for Vision Systems Design 2019. In order to facilitate industry-academia collaboration and train new AI talents, the 3-day A.I. Vision Camp will be held at the digiBlock Taipei from July 29 to 31, attracting participation by renowned domestic universities.

According to the Department of Economic Development (DOED) Deputy Commissioner Wu Hsin-pei, the camp motivates academia to invest more R&D momentum in the industry, thereby facilitating seamless industry-academia integration. This is a positive influence on the development of the domestic AI industry, and Wu is proud and pleased to see how the students’ knowledge and skills have been improved. Furthermore, the Chairman of Solomon Technology Corporation Chen Cheng-lung commented that the emergence of AI technology has had a profound impact on smart manufacturing. In the past, robots were only capable of performing highly repetitive work, but now with 3D vision and AI, robots are equipped with eyes and brains so to speak, making them more versatile and refined.

From a global industry point of view, Taiwan is in dire need of developing AI technology and industry application-related talents; the training of campus talents has always been a vital source of the industry’s R&D potential, therefore the camp employs technical lectures and practical operations to facilitate a deeper bond and interaction between academia and industry.

The event brings together Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association (TAIROA) Secretary-General Chen Wen-chen, CEO of Microsoft AI R&D Center Michael Chang, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Association of Taiwan (SVEAT) Director Chao Shih-lung, Setsuyo Enterprise Co., Ltd., Universal Robots, and IGUS. Moreover, 40 outstanding students from numerous reputable domestic universities including NTU, NTHU, NCTU, NCKU, NTUST, and NTUT have assembled teams to partake in the program.

Unlike conventional competitions, the distinguishing feature of this event is the fusion of teaching and practical operations such as the AI technology trend analysis lecture, practical industry software-hardware integration and application, and contests. The operation and application of industrial products will be supervised by the technical team from Solomon, and the learning outcome of the students will be tested on the last day through a contest. Additionally, Solomon is offering NT$100,000 prize money to incentivize winning participants. It is hoped that the event will foster links between industry talents and the industry and advance the development of the AI machine vision industry in Taiwan.

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