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Living Justice Forum VII: Challenges for a Sound Rental Market

Living Justice Forum VII: Challenges for a Sound Rental MarketTo continue keeping the public in the know about Taipei’s housing policy and encourage participation in the policy-making process, the Living Justice Forum VII will be held at Regent Taipei on March 16.
According to Department of Land Administration, tenants are experiencing affordability and transaction security challenges due to factors such as low information transparency, high transaction risks, demand and supply imbalance, and poor government management.
The agency has drawn up “Challenges for a Sound Rental Market” as the focus for a discussion session slated for 2:30 PM, hoping to collect opinions from industry, government, academia, research, and the public as reference for blueprinting the city’s sound housing market action plan for 2018.
The discussion will focus on three major issues in the current housing market: information transparency, transaction security, and taxation. Councilors, experts and academics, representatives from the property industry and construction supervising agencies, as well as consumer ombudsmen will share views on topics including dangerous buildings, effective dispute settlement, and the letting and management service provided by property management companies.
The event will be live-streamed. For more information or registration, please visit http://living-justice forum.dosw.gov.taipei/seventh (Chinese).