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DOL Holds Info Sessions to Promote Labor-management Meeting Mechanism

Participants attending the labor management meeting classIn line with Article 83 of the Labor Standards Act, the Department of Labor (DOL) have scheduled 5 sessions of information seminars on the details of labor-management meetings for those interested. For those who wants to find out more about the required meeting and more information on labor rights and duties, feel free to register for sessions between September and October!
According to the agency, there are many employers who are confused by the purpose and content of the labor-management meetings, as well as issues such as overtime, irregular work hours, and female workers working nights shifts – which require the consent of either the labor union or workers attending the labor-management meeting.
For 2020, DOL will organize a total of 10 labor-management meeting info sessions for organizations and businesses which have yet to implement such mechanism. The event also serves as training sessions for labor representatives who work at institutions that have adopted such mechanism. Since the the first information session in July, the event has attracted large numbers of workers and laborers. Registration for the second wave of seminars are accepted online starting 9 AM on September 1.
To ensure that organizations and companies hold regular labor-management meetings and raise workers’ awareness on these events, DOL has devised a 3-year plan to promote the mechanism. The agency invites labor law specialists, experts, lawyers, and labor conflict arbitrators to serve as lecturers. All workers, union members, and companies registered in Taipei City can sign up for the classes for free.
In compliance with COVID-19 regulations, all participants will be required to have their temperature taken upon entry and wear face mask at all times during class. The classes will be held at the Workers’ Classroom on the 6th floor of DOL’s Second Administration Office (No. 101, Bangka Boulevard, Wanhua District).
For more information, please visit the Chinese website of DOL (https://bola.gov.taipei) or call the 1999 Citizens’ Hotline (ext. 7013, 7031, 7033, 6048, or 7032).