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Taipei City Police Department


Crime Prevention-Guarding Against the 5 Major Crimes

1. Burglary: When the whole family is away travelling, what most people worry about is the possibility of burglary by thieves knowing that the house is vacant as the residents are absent. Here are 3 anti-burglary tips: “light, sound and dragged time”. During the course of breaking in, a sudden light-up with loud alarm, along with dragged time for the break-in, will discourage those with criminal intent and be unfavorable to criminal behavior. Also, residents can request “extra patrol of unattended house” service from their local precinct or police station. Officers will intensify patrol to the surrounding area of the applicant’s house in an effort to offer convenient services to the citizens.
2. Internet fraud: Fraud is rampant on the Internet and people should definitely remain alert, especially for young people as they have not had that many experiences in society, and can often fall victim to fraud. So parents should pay more attention by observing the behaviors of their kids online. Fraudsters often use pitches, such as help accumulating points and leveling up in games. Once the victims fall into the trap, they would then be asked to purchase more points for the games or be asked to provide cellphone or ID numbers to pay via the micro payment system, whereby fraud would take place. For any question regarding fraud, please make use of the 165 fraud prevention hotline to inquire about a potential fraud.
3. Pickpocketing: Pickpocketing usually takes place at crowded places, such as train stations, sea ports, shopping areas, department stores, parks, theaters, markets and public transports. Thieves usually steal when victims are unaware. The whole process is often short and the thieves are hard to get caught. One important reason is that they disguise the way they dress when they steal. Moreover, before stealing, they often use their human body and other objects, such as clothes, hat, newspaper, hand bag, brief case, umbrella, etc., as covers to block victims’ views and then commit the stealing when an opportunity arises. Citizens are advised to maintain high alert when going out in groups and should be even more vigilant when seeing any person behaving eccentrically.
4. Robbery: Citizens should be conscious at all times about the danger of falling victim to robbery and maintain a high level of mental alertness, which is the most effective and vital way to avoid being robbed. For example, upon making money withdrawals at a financial institution, walking alone in a remote alley, encountering a traffic accident, or parking in an underground parking lot, the approach of somebody with suspicious intentions would constitute a dangerous temporal scenario, in which the approached is advised to raise his/her level of mental alertness and leave the scene as soon as possible. When walking or strolling, it is also advised not to hang the purse or bag sideways but across the chest instead.
5. Forced robbery: When making large withdrawals, it is advised to do so via bank transfers, or apply to have a nearby police station send a uniformed officer to accompany the transport of money, so that covetous thoughts from a potential robber would be thwarted and a potential robbery prevented.
Taipei City Police Department calls upon its citizen to help prevent crimes against the safety of persons and valuables. A good cooperation between police and citizens to maintain public safety helps foster a safe and peaceful living environment.