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Taipei City Police Department


Public Security

• In Taipei City, robbery and theft are the top two in the six most frequently occurred crimes (murder, theft, robbery, kidnapping, rape and intimidation). The said crimes usually take place between 9:00pm and 12:00 midnight in commercial areas.
• Larceny (excluding vehicle theft) usually occurs between 6:00am and 9:00am, and between 9:00pm and 12:00pm. People should watch out and pay more attention in the said time periods in order to reduce the crime rate and protect life and property.
• Larceny is usually committed in commercial areas (including stores, companies, supermarkets, gas stations, jewelry stores, pawnshops, restaurants, etc.) and residential areas (including: communities, apartments, cottages, buildings, dormitories, elevators, staircases, basements, balconies, etc.). Citizens should watch out for suspicious individuals, events and objects. Please contact a police officer immediately once a suspicion is found in order to prevent crime from occurring.
Self-Defense Measures
• Residence Safety
Do lock doors and windows before you leave the house. Turn on a security system if it is available. Light and radio timer should be turned on to disguise the fact that there is no one home. Please contact local police stations for a house watch service before you go on a long vacation. Do not let strangers into the house. Identify the suspicious visitors. Please implement a community watch program; also, contact the police station immediately when a suspicious individual or vehicle (write down tag number) is found in the neighborhood. Valuables and large amounts of cash should be deposited in a bank; jewelry should be stored in a safe or in separate locations with a list made.
• Individual Safety
Do not show off money or jewelry in case criminals notice it. Please park cars close to the exit or entrance of a building; it is easier to ask for help with vehicles parked in a bright area. Please write down the phone number and address of police stations and hospitals close to your house and office.
Crime Scene Maintenance
• What is a “crime scene”?
The narrow definition of crime scene is a location where a crime has been committed or found, and the broad definition of crime scene is a location relevant to the crime committed or found. Clues and valuable pieces of evidence left behind by criminals can be collected at the crime scene.
•Clues at the crime scene are reliable sources for criminal investigations. When a crime has been committed, the victim, family and people involved should keep the crime scene intact, and the police could find useful clues, collect evidence and identify the crime for a presentation in court.
• What should be done when larceny occurs at home?
1. Block anyone off the crime scene. Do not clean the surroundings and touch anything.
2. Call the 110 emergency hotline to report a crime.