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NO.TitlePublish Date
41City Fines KTV Branches for Failing Safety Inspection2020-04-29
42Guandu Nature Park to Implement Real Name-based Entry Regulation2020-04-29
43Dengue Fever Prevention: Cracking Down on Mosquito Habitats2020-04-28
44Mayor on Cashbox KTV Fire: Medical Attention First, Investigations to Follow2020-04-28
45City to Issue Monthly NT$8000-per-bus Subsidy to Bus Operators2020-04-27
46Streetlight Installed with New Filter to Minimize Impact on Firefly Season2020-04-27
47Mayor Hosts Public Safety Oversight Meeting2020-04-24
48Confucius Temple to Gist Exam Takers with Limited Edition Stationary Set2020-04-24
49Evacuation Drill for Temporary Riverside Facilities Slated for April 27 through 282020-04-23
50City Plans to Allocate NT$27 million for Epidemic Prevention Duty Pay2020-04-22
51Registration Kicks off for 2020 Energy Conservation Leadership Award2020-04-21
52Four Beast Mountains Forest Project: Upgrading a Local Recreational Destination2020-04-20
53Urban Spotlight: Short Trip to Baishihu2020-04-20
54Panda Yuan Zai’s First Health Check. Doctors “Like” Its Eyes and Teeth Condition.2020-04-17
55Road Pavement along Zhongyi Street Receives Complete Overhaul2020-04-17
56New Look on Taipei City Ambulances to Add Reflective Striping and Ensure Driving Safety2020-04-16
57Deputy Mayor Visits MRT, Inspects Disease Prevention Measures2020-04-16
58COVID-19 Measures: TRTC Shuts Down Drinking Fountains at MRT Stations, Closes Several Affiliated Facilities 2020-04-15
59City to Work with Citizens on Disaster Prevention Ahead of Flood Season2020-04-15
60YouBike 2.0 Pilot Project Extension: NT$5 for First 30 Minutes through April 162020-04-14