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Taipei City Police Department

City News

NO.TitlePublish Date
21City to Allow Parking on Yellow/Red Lines near Levees Gates ahead of Approaching Typhoon 2019-08-08
22Young Farmers Promote Premium Quality Taipei Rice in Dadaocheng 2019-08-08
23Malaysian Internet Sensation, Xue Jie Spend Chinese Valentine’s Day Together – Experiencing the Romantic Ambiance of Qixi Festival2019-08-07
24Mayor, First Lady of Taipei Kick off Valentine’s Day Riverside Fireworks Display2019-08-07
25DOL Forges Labor Education Partnership with 12 Community Colleges2019-08-06
26Beimen Camera Street 2019 Summer Fun Photography Camp2019-08-06
27City Promotes Blessing Rice Offering, Centralized Joss Paper Incineration during Ghost Month Rituals2019-08-05
28City Officials Visit Draftees in Chengkungling2019-08-05
29My Day Innovative Life Application Exhibition Kicks Off in digiBlock C This Weekend (August 2-4)2019-08-02
30APO Launches Veterinary Medical Examination Hospital Course2019-08-02
31A.I. Vision Camp Conducted from 7/29-31 at digiBlock Taipei2019-08-01
32Mayor Ko Attends Groundbreaking and Blessing Ceremony of Chenggong Market2019-08-01
33Mayor Attends Quasi-Public Kindergarten Accreditation Press Conference 2019-07-31
34Free Training Courses Launched For Taipei City Migrant Workers2019-07-31
35Accessible Taxis Join Long-Term Care Transportation2019-07-30
36Mayor Attends Groundbreaking Ceremony of Feitsui Raw Water Transmission Mains Project2019-07-30
37City Encourages Business Owners to Partake in 21-hour Occupational Health, Safety Training 2019-07-26
38Successful Conclusion to World Deaf Badminton Championships2019-07-26
39Mayor Attends 2019 Cross-Strait Urban Traffic Seminar Opening Ceremony2019-07-25
40TCPD Holds Handover Ceremony for Precinct Chiefs, Commanders2019-07-25