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Taipei City Police Department


I. Population
II. Criminal Offenses
III. Transportation
IV. Services

I. Population

1. Resident Population, Sex Ratio and Population Density in Taipei City (PDF)
2. Resident Population by Age in Taipei City (PDF)

II. Criminal Offenses

3. Criminal Offenses in Taipei City (PDF)
4. Larceny Cases in Taipei City (PDF)
5. Violent Crime in Taipei City (PDF)
6. Criminal Offenders by Sex and Age in Taipei City (PDF)
7. Victims of Criminal Offenses in Taipei City (PDF)
8. Child and Juvenile Delinquents in Taipei City (PDF)
9. Prevention and Treatment of Juvenile Delinquency in Taipei City (PDF)
10. The Number of Narcotics Violations Solved in Taipei City (PDF)
11. Illegal Possession of Guns and Ammunition Seized in Taipei City (PDF)
12. Violations Against Social Order Maintenance Act in Taipei City (PDF)

III. Transportation

13. Number of Motor Vehicles Registered in Taipei City (PDF)
14. Result of Traffic Violations Reported in Taipei City (PDF)
15. Causes of Traffic Accidents and Number of Casualties in Taipei City (PDF)

IV. Services

16. Public Service Achievement by the Taipei City Police Department (PDF)
17. Cases about Domestic Violence and Women and Children's Safety Dealt by the Taipei City Police Department (PDF)
18. The Number of 110 Calls in Taipei City (PDF)
19. Assemblies and Parades Handled by the Taipei City Police Department (PDF)