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The Juvenile Affairs Division’s Duties

1. Administrative Section: This section is in charge of administration, administrative services, research development and evaluation, laws and regulations, documentation, official seals, archives, duty planning, inspection, education, training, peace preservation, security, civil defense, traffic, public relations, information, foreign affairs, general affairs, logistics and equipment, property management, residence maintenance, and cashier.
Tel: 2759-9991
2. Crime Prevention Section: This section is in charge of juvenile crime prevention, records, juvenile protection, “Spring-Breeze” program, public relations, sexual crimes prevention, misconduct, routine meeting of crime and census affairs, and the Juvenile Guidance Committee secretary business of Taipei City Police Department.
Tel: 2759-9996
3. Investigation Section: This section is in charge of school visits, campus safety, juvenile crime detection and investigation, and prevention of teenage delinquency.
Tel: 2759-9996
4. Personnel Office is in charge of appointments, dismissals, compensation, employee discipline, and employee benefits.
Tel: 2346-7547
5. Accounting Office is in charge of annual budgeting, accounting and statistics.
Tel: 2759-9994