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The Rapid Transit Division's Duties

Unit Duties
Administrative Section ‧ Duties planning
‧ Census case
‧ Handling foreign affairs
‧ News release
‧ Promotion of public relations
‧ Public service
‧ Information management
‧ Property management
‧ Equipment management
‧ General affairs
‧ Laws and regulations
‧ Documentation
‧ Research development and evaluation
‧ Official seal
‧ Cashier
‧ Miscellaneous
Inspectors' Section ‧ Inspection and evaluation of duties
‧ Discipline preservation of officers
‧ Special tasks guard
‧ Police preparation and peace preservation
‧ Police missions in wartime
‧ Security affairs
‧ Safety protection
‧ Civil defense
‧ Police education and training
‧ Command and control
‧ Handling of public reports and cases notification
Criminal Investigation Section ‧ Crime prevention
‧ Crime investigation
‧ Disposition of violating mass rapid transit law
‧ Traffic law enforcement and public appeal
Personnel Office ‧ Personnel management
Accounting Office ‧ Budget and revenue
‧ Accounting
‧ Statistics
First Squad ‧Duties for mass rapid transit system
‧Duty scope: MRT Tamsui line and Banqiao section of Bannan line.
Second Squad ‧Duties for mass rapid transit system
‧Duty scope: MRT Xindian line, Zhonghe line, Xiaonanmen line, Luzhou line.
Third Squad ‧ Duties for mass rapid transit system
‧ Duty scope: MRT Neihu line, Muzha line, Nangang line.