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The Criminal Investigation Division's Duties

Administrative Section: This section is in charge of administration, research and development, evaluation, documentation, official seals, cashier, general affairs, logistics, equipment management, and other related matters.

Inspectors' Section: This section is in charge of police services, duty inspection, discipline inspection, planning of special duty, police loyalty check, excellent performance recognition, police regular training, special police mission training, and other related affairs of police regular training.

Crime Prevention Section: This section is responsible for crime prevention and elimination of gang-attacks.

Criminal Investigation Section: This section is in charge of planning, supervision, assessment of criminal investigation, evaluation, monitoring, and telecommunication security.

Judicial Affairs Section: This section is in charge of the judicial and lost and found services.

Anti-theft Section: This section deals with theft and arranges anti-burglary operations.

Economic Crime Section: This section deals with economic crime and investigates smuggling, tax evasion, loan sharks, infringement of intellectual property rights, and other related matters.

Criminal Records Section: This section manages criminal records and case statistics.

Command and Control Center: This center is in charge of case reports and mission dispatch management.

Crime Investigation Section 1~8: These sections are in charge of criminal investigations.

Special Weapons and Tactics Team: This team is in charge of executing high-risk operations and special duties, including: high-risk arrest warrants, barricaded suspects, hostage rescue, counter-terrorism, and engagement with heavily-armed criminals.

Technological Crime Investigation Unit: This unit is in charge of cyber crime investigation, information, research and development, cyber crime detection and prevention, communication surveillance and other operational investigation tasks.

Accounting Office: This office is in charge of budget estimation, budget establishment, accounting report management, bill payment, annual budget enforcement, and accounting affairs assessment.

Personnel Office: This office is in charge of the following matters:

1. Appointments, dismissal and transfer of civil servants.

2. Evaluation, reward and punishment of civil servants.

3. Insurance, retirement pension, death pension and welfare of civil servants.