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The Major Missions of the Taipei City Police Department (TCPD)

1. Administration Division


§ Implementing Police administrative affairs


§ Duty affairs


§ Executing the "Anti Sex-trade Project"


§ Providing other administrative support




2. Peace Preservation Division


§ Security deployment


§ Defending public safety


§ Planning for peace preservation


§ Maintaining public order


§ Training and deploying volunteer police




3. Prevention and Control Division



§ Executing census administration


§ Implementing Household registration


§ Looking for missing persons


§ Organizing civil defense information systems





§ Civil defense drills and protection


§ Supervision of civil defense police



§ Disaster prevention and rescue




4. Foreign Affairs Division


§ Issuing Police Criminal Record Certificates


§ Security and Safety of foreign missions and representative offices


§ Assisting in handling criminal cases involving foreign nationals people from Mainland China


§ Reception of foreign officials


§ Bilingual projects and translation


§ Promoting international cooperation on policing and fighting crime




5. Crime Prevention Division


§ Improving public education on crime prevention


§ Setting up community self-defense systems


§ Providing guidance on the establishment of neighborhood watches


§ Providing guidance on the installation of safety equipment




6. Security Office


§ Social Protection


§ Social order investigation


§ Social safety investigation planning and consultation


§ Security and espionage prevention


§ Disposition of security information




7. Legal Affairs Office


§ Explanation and consultation regarding rules and regulations concerning police affairs


§ Appeal affairs




8. Public Relations Office


§ Public relations affairs


§ News release


§ Media contacts







9. Command and Control Center


§ Response to calls and Emergencies


§ Commanding and communicating with police on duty




10. Forensic Science Center


§ Managing crime scenes for evidence


§ Identifying illicit drugs


§ Identifying instruments


§ Examining dubious documents




11. Civil Defense Control Center


§ Managing civil defense affairs


§ Civil defense planning and training