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Duties of Precincts

Unit Duties
Administrative Section

1.Police administration


3.City Appearance and Sanitation

4.General affairs

5.Equipment and maintenance

6.Legal affairs

7.Public relations

Inspectors' Section
1.Duty inspection
2.Discipline and ethic inspection
3.Internal management
4.Annual training
5. Peace preservation: Processing applications for assemblies and marches, and providing aid to homeless and mentally ill people.
6.Security and safety of high-ranking officials’ residences
Criminal Investigation Squadron
1.Crime investigation
2.Crime prevention
3.Enforcing the Social Order Maintenance Act
4.Economic crime investigation
5.Crime statistics and analysis
6.Forensic science
Prevention and Control Section
1.Census administration: supervising police beats, looking for missing persons, and managing transient population
2.Mass mobilization
3.Checking, managing, executing and enforcing police beats
4.Foreign affairs
5.Community security and safety
Security Section
1.Community security and safety investigation
2.Security of society
3.Security of people from mainland China in Taiwan
Civil Defense Section
1.Recruiting and training auxiliary police volunteers
2.Utilizing civil defence force and assisting in fire fighting
3.Carrying out air defence drills
4.Running the Civil Defence Control Centre
5.Controlling self-defence firearms
6.Controlling the knives registered with the government
Traffic Section
1.Traffic control
2. Traffic enforcement
3.Street vendor management
Personnel Office
1.Organizational planning
2.Rewards and discipline, appointment and dismissal, transfers, and personnel management.
3.Attendance control
4.Welfare, insurance, retirement, and layoff.
Accounting Office
Administrative Services
1.System operation management
2.Research, development, evaluation and secretary management.
3.Documentation management
Command and Control Center

1.Command, dispatch, coordination and communication of missions

2.Report the latest public security situation

3.Response to calls and Emergencies

4.Controlled affairs

5.Coordinating police force dispatch and communication