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​TCPD Officers Crack Neihu Burglary Under 72 Hours; All Stolen Valuables Recovered

    A Serious Case of Burglary took place at Dahu-Sanzhuang Street, Neihu District on June 5. The perpetrators took advantage of the victims’ absence during the day, and breaking into their house, turned it upside down; compromising the safe in the master bedroom, they then took off with more than 6.8 million NT Dollars’ worth of cash and valuables.

  Receiving the burglary report, the Neihu Precinct immediately assembled a special task force with members from the Criminal Investigation Division and the Forensic Science Center, with the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office at the helm of command; the National Immigration Agency was also notified to keep an eye out for suspicious individuals attempting to exit the country. After intensive scrutiny, 3 prime suspects of foreign origin were identified, who had already escaped south toward Kaohsiung. The special task force gave chase in the early morning of June 8, and at 9 pm the same day they succeeded in apprehending all 3 suspects in Sanming District, Kaohsiung city; nearly 6 million NT dollars were recovered at the scene of arrest. The whole case has been referred to the Taipei Prosecutors’ Office under charges of aggravated burglary.

    The Neihu Precinct has declared itself fully confident and capable of solving any like burglaries, and aside from giving any wannabe burglars fair warning, would like to advise homeowners to pay attention to household anti-theft measures, for example checking the integrity of locks and bolts. The installment of equipment such as video cameras and buzzers are also recommended, and any valuables kept at home must be placed safely and discreetly.