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What are the requirements for applying for the Police Criminal Record Certificate?

The requirements are as follows:

1. A completed application form. (Applicants will need to submit a power of attorney with your signature or stamp included on the form if you are authorizing an individual to represent you.) 

2. Applicants must present the following proof of identification: 

(1) Domestic applicants: an original R.O.C. ID. An original or copy of the passport photo page is needed for a PCRC with an English name on it. 

(2) Foreign nationals residing in Taiwan: an original passport or Alien Resident Certificate (ARC).

(3) Overseas applicants: a copy of the passport or an Alien Resident Certificate that is authenticated or notarized by ROC embassies or consulates, Straits Exchange Foundation or other relevant notary public abroad.

3. Fee: 

• Domestic applicants: NT$100 per certificate, EasyCard now accepted. 

• Overseas applicants: US$ 7.00 per certificate (CASH ONLY). 

Applicants from Hong Kong or Macau: US$6.00 per certificate. 


If you authorize an individual to apply for the PCRC on your behalf, you must submit a valid power of attorney with your signature or stamp included on the application form authorizing that individual. Authorized individuals must present proof of identity when picking up a certificate likewise.