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Personal Information Collection Statement and Terms of Service

1.The Department (Taipei Police Department) collects, processes and makes use of your personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, relevant laws and regulations, as well as the Department’s security and privacy policy.

2.You may, based on your requirements, provide the following personal information: name, date of birth, personal ID number, and contact method (include but not restricted to telephone number, email and residential address), or other information that can directly or indirectly identify you.

3.You consent to let the Department make use of the personal information provided by you, to verify your identity, contact you, provide you with the Department’s related services and information, and for other usage according to the security and privacy policy.

4.Pertaining to your personal information on file, you may, according to the Personal Information Protection Act, apply to the Department for the following: (1) request to inquire or review, (2) request to make duplicates, (3) request to supplement or correct, (4) request to discontinue collection, processing or use, or (5) request to delete. However, due to the execution of duties or administrative requirements, the Department may refuse your request.

5.You may choose whether to provide the Department with your personal information. However, if upon a report or the Department discovers that the personal information is inadequate to verify your identity, or the personal information is being breached, illegally used or is false, the case will not be processed.

6.You understand that this agreement is in compliance with the requirements of the Personal Information Protection Act and relevant laws and regulations, and has the effect of a written consent to allow the Department to collect, process and use your personal information.