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Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Taipei City Police Department (herein known as “the Website”). To ensure a secured environment for various services and information on the Website, we hereby state the Website’s security and privacy policy to protect your interests. The terms are as follows: The applicable scope and content of the security and privacy policy include how the Website processes the personal identification information collected when you use the Website’s services. Security and privacy policy is not applicable to other websites linked from the Website, nor administrative personnel not commissioned by the Website. Collection and usage of information To provide you with the best interactive service on the Website, we may request you to provide relevant personal information; the scope is as follows:

1.When using an interactive function, such as service mailbox, surveys, etc., the Website will retain the name, email address, contact method, time of usage, etc., provided by you.

2.When browsing the Website, the server will record related actions, including the IP address of your connected device, browsing time, browser used, browsing history and information clicked, etc., to be used as references for improving our website service. The records are for internal usage, and will not be made public.

3.To provide accurate services, we will collate and analyze the content of the survey we collected. The analysis results will be presented in the form of statistical data or text. Besides its provision for internal research, we will also publish the statistics and text based on requirements, but this will not involve specific personal information.

4.Unless with your consent or other special regulatory requirements, the Website will not disclose your personal information to a third party or use it for any purpose other than that of the collection.

Information Protection
The Website’s servers are installed with information security detection and protection measures, such as firewall, anti-virus system, etc., to protect the Website and your personal information. We adopt strict security measures, whereby only authorized personnel are allowed to come into contact with your personal information, and confidentiality agreements are signed with the relevant handling personnel. In case of a breach of confidentiality agreement, the personnel will be punished in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. If you require the Department’s relevant sections to provide services due to business needs, the Website will demand the respective sections to abide by the duty of confidentiality, and adopt necessary checking procedures to ensure they are being followed.

Links to Other Websites
The Website provides links to other websites. You may access other websites by clicking on the links provided by the Website. However, the Website’s security and privacy policy is not applicable to these websites, and you will have to refer to the security and privacy policies of the respective website.

Use of Cookies
To provide you with the best service, the Website employs cookies in your computer. If you do not wish to accept our cookies, you may set the privacy level of your cookies to High in your browser function, or reject our cookies. However, it may prevent certain features of the Website from functioning normally.

Amendment of Security & Privacy Policy
The Website’s security and privacy policy is amended from time to time based on requirements. The amended terms and conditions will be published on the Website.