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Organization Structure

Our department is under the charge of the Taipei City Government and is in charge of policing affairs within Taipei City. The Commissioner takes orders from the Mayor to manage all the affairs of the department, and he is also supervised by the Director General of the National Police Agency under the Ministry of the Interior. This department has three deputy commissioners, one chief secretary, and six senior executives to the chief. It is composed of the Administration Division, Peace Preservation Division, Training Division, Foreign Affairs Division, Logistics Division, Security Division, Prevention and Control Division and Crime Prevention Division. In addition, it also has the Inspectors' Office, Public Relations Office, Administrative Services, Systems Administration, Legal Affairs Office, Accounting Office, Statistics Office, Personnel Office, Government Ethics Office, Command and Control Center, Forensic Science Center and the Civil Defense Center. There are also Criminal Investigation Division, Mobile Division, the Traffic Division, Juvenile Affairs Division, Women's and Children's Protection Division, Rapid Transit Division and Communications Division for its field operation. Altogether there are fourteen precincts and ninety-four police stations under its command.