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Taipei City Police Department


NO.TitlePublish Date
41“On the Move” Task Briefing Held at TPC to Prepare for 2017 Taipei Universiade2017-04-28
42Traffic Control Information for 2017 Callalily Festival2017-03-27
43The Shilin Police Precinct Dispatches Anti-theft Foot Patrol and Offers Outreach Services for Foreign Nationals in the Shilin Night Market2017-03-20
44Five Korean Pickpockets Busted by TCPD and Suspects Detained Incommunicado2017-03-14
45Five Korean Pickpockets Busted by TCPD and Suspects Detained Incommunicado2017-03-14
46Foreign Affairs Police Offer Assistance to Foreign Tourists during Lantern Festival Activities2017-02-12
47Taiwanese Police Highly Praised by Korean Tourists2017-02-07
48Traffic Control Information for 2017 Taipei Lantern Festival2017-02-03
49Xinyi Police Catch Bike Thief within One Hour2017-01-26
50Home Security Service Provided by TCPD during 2017 CNY2017-01-26
51TCPD Beefs up Crackdown on Illegal Taxis2017-01-24
52Beitou Precinct Bust an Illegal Gambling Den2017-01-14
53Information on Street Closures around New Year Countdown2016-12-30
54TCPD Busts an International Escort Agency on Singles' Day2016-12-23
55TCPD Works with B'in Music to Seize Mayday Concert Scalpers2016-12-19
56TCPD Busts Identity Frauds2016-11-21
57Paid Weekly and Family Allowance Will Be Given If Arrested2016-10-31
58Cash Turned into MSG!--“Chinese Blessing Scam” Found in Taiwan 2016-10-03
59Brainy Police Finds the Way Home for Grandma with Dementia2016-09-30
60Fake Monk Arrested on Fraud Charges 2016-09-26