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Mayor Vows to Offer Resources to Spur Creativity at Cosplay Contest

Mayor Vows to Offer Resources to Spur Creativity at Cosplay Contest

Mayor Ko Wen-je presented awards to the winners of this year’s cosplay competition at Ximen commercial district on September 10.

Over the years, the tournament has grown both in scale and popularity, attracting 26 teams in 2017 – more than double the number compared to the first year of the competition. The famous quote “You are only limited by your own imagination” can best explain the rapid development of the event, Ko reckoned.

The mayor noted that he found cosplayers dressed as the comic character Lin Mo-niang to be quite amusing, praising the young participants for their unbridled imagination. He believed that considerable efforts were invested by enthusiasts to present the impressive makeup and costumes for the cosplayers.

Despite not being a fan of cosplay, Ko remarked that it is an interesting aspect of pop culture. He also expressed his amazement at the somewhat wacky but well-received products of Taipei Lantern Festival earlier this year. In light of this, he believes the city government should provide a platform allowing youths to exert their creativity.

Ko also took the opportunity to promote Ximending, a unique commercial district located in the city’s historic block where the latest teenager trends spring up. The vibrant scene of Ximending comprises elements spanning cinema, tattoo culture, exotic fashion styles, and anime.

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