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Mayor Promotes Reading for Pleasure at City Hospital Event

Mayor Promotes Reading for Pleasure at City Hospital Event

On October 11, Mayor Ko Wen-je arrived at the Heping branch of Taipei City Hospital to preside over a press conference promoting the habit of reading.

The mayor’s wife Chen Pei-chi, who works as a doctor for Taipei City Hospital, joins her husband and Bravo the Bear in a storytelling session for kids.

During his address, Ko cited the ancient Chinese proverb “studying ten years in obscurity and achieving fame after passing the exam.” He remarked that in the past, the purpose of reading is to study for examinations in order to pass the tests in flying colors. This attitude, however, is the culprit driving kids away from the companionship of books.

The mayor noted that reading can be fun. Speaking about the reading volunteers at Taipei City Hospital, Ko pointed out that these individuals accompany kids to read books and encourage parents to join their kids in reading to help them establish the habit.

According to Chen, Taipei City Hospital began the implementation of “Reach out and Read” (ROR) program starting on Double Ten Day this year. The initiative kicked-off in the US with the support of pediatricians and educators back in 1989, and has been incorporated into regular programs for kids since 2014.

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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government