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WCIT 2017: Taipei Pavilion Showcases ICT Achievements

WCIT 2017: Taipei Pavilion Showcases ICT Achievements

The 21st World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT 2017) is being held at the World Trade Center Hall 1 between September 10 and 13. Adopting the theme of “Innovative Taipei of Asia,” the Taipei Booth will spotlight achievements in the fields of Smart Housing, Smart Transportation, Smart Medical Service, Smart Education, Financial Technology (EasyCard), and Shezidao Smart Construction, among others.

According to Commissioner Lee Wei-bin of the Department of Information Technology, Taipei Booth will showcase the convenience of Taipei’s one-day living circle made possible by technological applications.

The Smart City Initiative has seen the successful test run of driverless buses along Xinyi Road bus lane utilizing autonomous vehicle technology in August, an experiment that received nationwide attention and international spotlight.

In the area of Fin Tech, the city-developed ‘’ payment platform -- which incorporates eight service providers allowing residents to pay water bills, medical service expenses, and parking fees – has reported 222,000 use counts since the introduction of the service two months ago.

As for Smart Housing, the City released the ‘Smart Housing 2.0’ pamphlet detailing the framework and implementation standards for housing projects involving ICT issues and architectural knowhow. Smart Education, on the other hand, highlights the CooC Cloud online learning platform which boasts 3,000 tutorial videos and over 30,000 e-books.

Regarding Smart Medical Service, policies such as electronic patient records and medication history have been implemented by Taipei City Hospital, with plans to set up smart hospitals and smart nursing stations currently in the works. For Smart Transportation, the City has put in place 300 YouBike rental stations and a fleet of 9,838 bicycles; the number of stations and bikes is expected to reach 400 and 13,000, respectively, by the end of 2017.

In addition to the aforementioned smart applications, Taipei Booth also invited local teachers and students in Shezidao to engage in VR experience – which demonstrates how Shezidao is going to transform in virtual reality environments.

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  • Updated: 2017/9/12 16:32
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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government