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Mayor Brings Moon Festival Greetings to Penghu Naval Facilities

Mayor Brings Moon Festival Greetings to Penghu Naval Facilities

Mayor Ko Wen-je embarked on an inspection trip to the Magong Naval Base in Penghu during the weekend of September 8.

Leading a delegation comprising city officials and councilors, Ko expressed his gratitude to the members of the armed force for serving the country during his stopover at the 146th Naval Fleet Command of Observatory Island on September 8. He presented holiday bonus money to the troops and wished them a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

The mayor also boarded Cheng-Kung class frigate “Cheng Ho” to inspect the warship’s flight deck, Phalanx close-in weapons system, 76 mm canons, pilot house, and torpedo tubes. He later joined the crew for a photo opportunity session.

On September 9, the city delegation arrived at the West Island Radar Site, the most important radar base along the center line of the Taiwan Strait. Drawing parallels between the radar station and the monitoring equipment of a hospital’s intensive care unit, Ko reckoned that both facilities involve around-the-clock operation and alert mechanism – the former charged with the task of surveillance of Taiwan’s southwest territorial waters while the latter being responsible for detecting vital signs of patients with severe injuries or illnesses.

Asked by the media about his impression of Cheng Ho frigate, the mayor remarked that he was amazed by the cutting-edge technology employed by modern frigates, each costing a remarkable NT$1.5 billion. Taiwan should bolster its defense capabilities through the pursuit of advanced technology, Ko reckoned.

The city delegation also visited the ROC army’s 101st Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion, an air force squadron, and a number of Penghu’s tourist attractions during their stay in Penghu before heading back to Taipei.

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