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New Recreational Highlight – Fuhua Coffee-Themed Park

New Recreational Highlight – Fuhua Coffee-Themed Park

Are you a coffee buff? Visit the City’s first coffee-themed park in Zhongshan District – Fuhua Park.

According to Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO), Fuhua Park boasts over 60 coffee trees. Not only can visitors find the well-known coffee bean varieties such as Blue Mountain, Colombian, and Mocha, but they will also surely be amazed by some of the rarely-seen varieties including Antigua Flora and Yellow Bourbon.

Another feature of Fuhua Park are the tea cup-shaped rest facilities. A former attraction at the City’s old children’s amusement park, the “spinning cups” were repurposed and given new life as amenities in the Fuhua Park where people can sit and rest. In addition to the functionality and utility of the cups -- which can accommodate three to four people -- the installations also exude nostalgic sentiments across the Park, Fuhua Borough Chief Huang noted.

Buoyed by the successful collaboration between the public and private sectors, PSLO hopes to create more unique community parks via this approach.

Acknowledging the rising popularity of the recreational venue and to catch up with the mobile technology trends, PSLO this year set up QR code in the Park that allow visitors to access coffee information and knowledge around the world through a quick scan of the code.

An annual highlight of Fuhua Borough, the Coffee Ecology Exhibition will take place on October 21. The public are invited to visit the event, spotlighting achievements of coffee cultivation as well as an array of performances.

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