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City News

Overview of the Personnel Affairs of Taipei City Government

The Department of Personnel manages all personnel affairs by consistently adhering to the Mayor’s governing philosophies and policy directives, as well as the central personnel legal rules. The main activities and tasks in 2017 are as follows:
(A) Promoting Organizational Reforms
Completing the organizational amendments for the City’s five agencies, including The Secretariat of Taipei City Government.
(B) Fulfilling Personnel Quotas Management
The approved employee quota for 2017 is 78,559, which is 504 employees fewer than the quota for 2015.
(C) Implementing Fair and Just Recruitment Examinations
1. 1,069 persons have passed the national examinations, such as senior-level and junior-level examinations.
2. Nine open recruitments were held for recruiting contract and janitorial employees required by 264 agencies, including 1,660 persons qualified for admission and 1,859 persons on the waiting-list.
(D) Giving Care to the Underprivileged
1. 2,992 workers with disabilities were employed, exceeding the employment requirement quota by 1,157 persons; the total adoption rate is 163.05%. Also, 560 indigenous people were employed, exceeding the employment requirement quota by 292 persons; the total adoption rate is 208.96%.
2. A total of 340 summer job openings for college students were made available to the children of single/low-income households, persons with disabilities, indigenous people and/or the unemployed.
(E) Promoting the Digitalization of Personnel Affairs
1. Set up the electronic personnel forms fill-out system and promote filling various routine forms out on line.1,369 announcements of the promotion and transfer of civil servants were made and 3,823 people applied;309 activities were held and 66,849 people participated in;502 questionnaires were designed and 125,664 people filled them out.
2. Promoting the operation of the national edition attendance system of the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration. 369 agencies and schools are now using it online; the total user number is about 55,000 persons.

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  • Source: Department of Personnel, Taipei City Government